Paddling information online

A lot of information is available online. This page will be used to share information with the team.

Follow this link to the Stratford Dragon Boat Club website. They provide great basic information about Dragon boating.

A Quick Video on dry land

This video is particularly good because the presenters are an experienced coach and a sports physiotherapist who is a new paddler. 

 This video was found on youtube channel  ENDVR HEALTH.

A Quck Video in the boat

Another video presenting the basics of paddling technique.

A much longer presentation

These five videos look at the stroke in much more detail.

They use a dragon boat specific rowing machine. So you can see the parts of the stroke in detail.

Watching all five videos will take some time!

These videos were found on youtube channel Alkame Dragon Boat Services.

These videos use an Drgon Boat specific paddling machine so you can really see what is going on.