TeamSnap for Paddlers

This page will be used to answer common questions our paddlers may have about using TeamSnap.

If your question is not answered here you can look at TeamSnap online help The TeamSnap Playbook.

How to access TeamSnap

We recommend our players use a web browser to access TeamSnap

TeamSnap also provides apps for Apple and Android devices. 

You can download them from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
For simple things like setting your availability for an upcoming event the mobile apps will work fine.
But if you are changing your personal information using a web browser is better.

Making you personal information Private

Most of your personal information can be made private. 

This includes email address, phone numbers, and street address.

Private information will only be visible to people marked as managers in TeamSnap.

For Gabriola Dragon Boat Club the coaches and a very few other people are managers.

For details on setting privacy read the information on TeamSnap playbook here Make Roster Information Private.

Reviewing or modifying your privacy settings is easiest using the web browser.

When you look at your personal information you will see we have your health card number as the customer field PHN.

For your protection this should always be private.

Adding Emergency Contact Information

The Gabriola Dragon Boat Club needs to have an emergency contact person for every member.

Follow the directions on TeamSnap playbook Add Family or Contacts to a Profile.

Note: It is best to use a web browser rather than a mobile app when doing this.

The mobile apps will require an email address for your family member.

Put your emergency contacts first and last name in the field First Name.

Set the field Last Name to "Emergency Contact".

Always include a phone number for your emergency contact.

Email address and home address for your emergency contact are not required.

If you do provide an email address you will see a tick box marked 'Receive Emails'. 

Make sure it is not ticked otherwise your emergency contact will receive all the email that TeamSnap sends to you.