Paddler Resources

This page contains links to a variety of resources found on the internet that may be useful to new paddlers.

Right Angle Performance

These Videos are presentations by Kamini Jain of Right Angle Performance.

Andrea Dhillon who coached us a few times in 2018 works closely with Kamini as part of Right Angle Performance.

Follow this link to Kamini’s Vimeo channel.

If you have any questions about these videos talk with our coaches.

Dragon boat technique at the dock

Kamini walks through the basics of sitting in the boat and paddling in these videos.

  • Dragon boat technique overview, part 1
  • Dragon boat technique overview, part 2
  • Dragon boat technique overview, part 3
  • Dragon boat technique overview, part 4

On the water

This video is on the water. We see an experienced paddler in slow motion with commentary by Kamini.

Dragon Boat Technique Overview

A real race

Here is a you tube video of a competitive team race start and a complete 200m race.

In the lower left you can see the boat speed in kilometers per hour. You can see they peak at 20 KM/HR and average about 15 KM/HR.

We are not that fast