Practice Times and Days

Monday and THURSDAY @ 5:30 pm
  • Be ready for Warm Up 5:30 pm @ the Silva Bay Marina .
    Be sure to arrive on time.
    We can now park in the upper lot at Silva Bay.
  • Be enthusiastic by listening and responding to warm up Coach
  • Be Assigned a Seat Position #
  • WAIT for Steer to give go ahead to load Seat #’s from the middle #6
  • WAIT for each seat row to be steady
  • SETTLE in. Do the HULA dance to make sure your HIP closest to the Gunwale (outer top rim on boat) and the water is making close, close contact with the boat.
  • PLACE your legs and feet in your brace position.
  • PADDLES relaxed across your knees
  • The STEER is in command of the boat
  • LISTEN for first command – HEADS in the boat
  • INSTRUCTIONS to walk the boat back until out from under the gangplank
  • THEN it will be:
    • TAKE IT AWAY – The STEER will not call Take it Away until ALL paddlers are ready, steady and with Paddles UP
Practice and events schedule

We use a homegrown solution for scheduling practices and events. It runs on this website and is available to our register users only.