Scheduling Forms for Managers

This page describes the forms that a Manager can view.

Managers can view all the forms that a Player can view plus a few more. A Manager has full access to all player and event data. This includes the ability to add and delete players and events.


Managers have full access to Player data. The Roster form displays all contact information and the Players provincial health number.

Further, a Manager can delete one or more players from this form. For each Player there is a check box on the left. If one or boxes are checked the DELETE button will be enabled. Pressing this button will delete the selected players.

Checking the top most check box will check all Players. If all players are selected and the DELETE button is pressed the user will be prompted to confirm they want to delete all Players.

Care must be taken when deleting Players. There is no undo capability.

Pressing the ADD button will switch to the Add Player form.


The Schedule form displays the same information for Players and Managers.

Managers can delete or cancel one or more events from this form using the check boxes.


Managers can view and change availability data for all players.

Edit Player

Managers can access and modify data for any Player.

Select the user by name using the drop-down menu. Change items as needed, then hit the SAVE button.

The RESET button will cancel any un-saved changes.

Add Player

The Add Player form is used to initially record data about a Player.

The pull-down menu User will include WordPress users that have a role of Player and have not been added yet. This pull-down menu will be empty if all Players have been added.

All data items are optional. Rarely, we may want to add person as a Player before they completed a registration form. At a later date the person or a Manager can use Edit Player to enter contact information etc.

Many data items are validated. If one or items are invalid they will be displayed with a red border. Also the SAVE button will not work.

Validation includes:

  • Postal Code must be letter, number, letter, blank, number, letter, number.
  • Phone numbers must be ten numeric digits.
  • Health numbers are validated depending on the province. For BC full validation is performed. For other provinces a health number must be 8 to 10 numeric digits. For Ontario two alphabetic characters can be added at the end.
    In the event a health number provided on the registration form is not valid leave it blank and save the Player without it. Contact the person to get the correct number.

Add Event

The Add Event form allows a Manager to add one or more events.

Required items when adding an event are:

  • Event name
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location

All other items are optional. Other items are:

  • Extra name – if entered this will appear with the event name on the Schedule and Availability forms.
  • Duration – default value is 60 minutes. Update as needed.
  • Arrival time – indicates Players should arrive before the time.
  • Address – this is intended to be an address which could be used with google maps or other map software to get directions to the event.
  • Notes – Text entered here will be included in reminder email sent to Players about the event.

Events can be one time, repeat daily, or repeat weekly. Use the Repeats pull-down menu to select. Then enter an ending date for the repeating events.

Edit Event

Managers can modify existing events using the Edit Event form.

The Event pull-down menu includes all events, including events in the past.

For events which repeat weekly or daily the Repeats item will list all related event dates. The currently selected event appears in red with a white background.

There are three update buttons:

  • UPDATE ONE – this updates the single selected event from the menu.
  • UPDATE FUTURE – this updates the selected even from the menu and all related events that occur after the selected event.
  • UPDATE ALL – this updates all the related events including those in the past.