We need to meet when it is a great time to enable most of you to attend. The suggestion has been a Sunday morning at The Hive. Will this work for you. Please send me an email to <> and I will let you know. Perhaps next Sunday or the one after – 11th or 18th. If Sunday is absolutely the Worst day of your week, let me know. I will go by majority and of course publish via BLOG decisions made. Getting Closer. Now I have to write a letter to the Gabriola Recreation Department and officially request that we take possession of the 20 paddles that they have.

Suggestions have been to possibly run a Parent and Child team. Seniors for sure. My lead stroke for 4 years was a 75 year old powerhouse; the Energiser Bunny. Jean the Machine, we called her. Male, female, fit or not fit, confident or a wee bit scared of beginning an activity – come one, come ALL.

ACTION: Respond to my email when you get it, please.

The listed people, please send me your best email in order that I have a completed list to begin with. I will be bcc’ing you so that no information is shared until we develop a private system for contacting club members only. My suggestion is ROSTERBOT. In fact, I have had an account with them for a year now, in anticipation of getting to this point. BUT all ears, for efficient apps that will do what we need. Paddles UP and Take it Away.

Susje, Bille, Jenny, Shanyn, Grace, Codi and Yolanda – emails PLEASE!!!!

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